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What We Offer

All of our sessions are bespoke, so although we offer the following suggestions, we can tailor our services to suit the needs of any group of eager monsters!

Just fill out the form on our Contact page or get in touch via email, and tell us a few things about you and your group: what kind of game or experience you would like; what the ages of the participants are; how long you have to play; whether it's to be a one-off session or a long-running campaign; and so on.

If you have no idea where to start, the options below will give you some idea of the possibilities. Please also check our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page.

One-Off Sessions

Recurring Sessions & Campaigns


Terms & Conditions

As stated above, all of our sessions are bespoke, so these prices are just guidelines. For certain kinds of bookings, there are also a few extra things to consider.

*Firstly, we always recommend trying to book in-person sessions where possible, as - from experience and feedback - we believe these offer the greatest enjoyment and benefits. However, where this is not possible, online sessions are available for shorter sessions, and for occasional sessions within a recurring or campaign booking, when there is no other alternative.

For online sessions, there is a little bit of setup involved, but we will try to make it as straightforward as possible. A laptop or computer (with a fairly stable Internet connection); a free account on a browser-based gaming platform, such as Roll20 (; and access to Zoom, Discord, or other chat software will be required by each player.

**All in-person sessions are subject to availability, but shorter sessions may be slightly more tricky to facilitate, due to the nature of the freelance lifestyle. Depending on location, in some cases we may have to charge an additional 'travel fee' to help cover our facilitators' costs.

For recurring sessions and campaign bookings, we will not always be able to guarantee our facilitators' availability on the same day at the same time each period booked (eg. each week, fortnight, et cetera). However, we will try our utmost to make sure someone is available to cover each session, plus we will extend the same flexibility to the players; given enough notice, if a particular session simply will not work, we will aim to rearrange it.

***The prices for recurring sessions and campaign bookings listed here are reflective of the facilitators' time; all of the elements that go into making a typical Mischief & Monsters gaming session so epic (such as dynamic storytelling, music and ambience, miniatures, and battle maps); and a reasonable amount of prep. However, for custom campaigns written specially for a group, we do charge an additional £40, partly to acknowledge the extra work a Game Master puts in to tailoring an adventure in this way.

Finally, it is worth noting that, while our prices do not change for groups of between 2 and 6 players, regardless of the total number, for groups of 7 or 8 players, we do charge an additional fee. This fee is equal to £5 per hour per player over 6 players, and reflects the extra effort that goes into balancing a game with so many players, making sure they all feel equally engaged and entertained.

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