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What We Do

Our aim is to help create stories that will stand the test of time,

but how exactly does it all work?

The cavern stretches out in front of you, before the rocky path splits in two. The gloom is pervasive, sucking the light from your crackling torch, but to the left, you can hear the distant sound of rushing water, and to the right, a strange and ominous humming noise...

It isn't much to look at, but you were warned the enemy crew's hideout would be heavily guarded and rigged with deadly traps. From your vantage point, you can see a rusty, old ladder leading to the roof; a ramp disappearing into some kind of sub-basement; and, of course, the main entrance, a pair of bored-looking goons stood either side...

'WARNING! WARNING! Drive core reaching critical mass!' the crisp voice of the Starship Endeavour's AI announces. With a sinking heart, you realise you only have time to either evacuate the crew and flee the doomed ship, or
, race to the command room to jettison the lower decks, salvaging some of the craft, but sacrificing many lives...

What will you do?

These are the kinds of scenarios and dilemmas (in other settings, story promptsthat could, during a typical roleplaying session, be presented to the players, who only have their wits, their characters' skills and equipment, and each other to help them on their quest or mission.

Pen-and-paper roleplaying is so called because, unlike more freeform pretend play, there are
certain limitations placed upon the players, such as what abilities their characters have and what they are carrying, which are tracked using pen and paper (or digital devices, if preferred).

Rather than restricting creativity, this is the
fertile ground in which a player's intuition and inventiveness can flourish!

Then there are the
dice; oh, so many dice!

Rolling dice in tabletop roleplaying games represents random chance, fate, or acts of gods. Someone could be the best climber in the world, but sometimes even they might lose their footing.

Between this and the ever-present
storytelling component, it is clear to see how pen-and-paper roleplaying combines several educational disciplines into one experience: maths and number sense, in the form of handling the results of one's dice rolls; literacy and language, in the form of producing rich visual descriptions and speaking in role; executive and communication skills, in the form of strategising, delegating and debating with one's teammates.

Our expert mischief-makers (
Game Masters or facilitators in polite company) are ready and raring to guide you through your adventures in gaming and storytelling, ensuring a healthy dose of drama and just a dash of personal development, so what are you waiting for? Let's nurture some imaginations, and sharpen some minds while we're at it!

And remember, it's
not just little monsters that can get up to mischief - we actively encourage adults to get involved in our sessions, whether that's mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents or third cousins twice removed! We also cater to all-adult groups, who want a bit of help demystifying the arcane art of the tabletop roleplaying game!

All we need from you are the
players and a suitable space to play in.

We'll happily do
home visits, or we'll attend another venue you're using; we'll run one-off sessions, or we'll come back again and again. Whatever you and your group are interested in, we'll do our best to tailor your sessions to suit your needs!

Excited? You should be! To
take the next step, just click 'Get In Touch' below and fill out our enquiry form in as much detail as you can, or email us at and let's make some mischief together!


d20 Die on Book
Many Polyhedral Dice in Different Colours

What We've Done

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